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Somers Preschool Programs, which are NAEYC accredited programs, is located at Somers Elementary School. An integrated preschool program for children ages 3 to 5 who have been identified as eligible for special education services, the Somers Preschool Programs holds regularly scheduled screenings where students who meet specific criteria are invited to serve as typically developing peer models for each class. Inclusion of children with diverse abilities is a rewarding experience for all involved.

The Preschool Curriculum Framework and the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards developed by the State Department of Education provide a system for using standards both in planning curriculum and assessing children's progress that the Somers Early Start Preschool endorses. The curriculum is literacy-based and provides a framework for learning that encompasses all areas of a child's development: cognitive, social and emotional, communication and language, sensorimotor, self-help and creative expression. A multidisciplinary team comprised of a special education/early childhood teacher; speech/language, occupational and physical therapists; and paraprofessionals support the preschool curriculum.

The mission of the Somers Preschool Programs is to provide a challenging and nurturing learning environment where all children are empowered to develop their unique talents and are prepared to contribute in an increasingly more complex world.

Somers Early Start Preschool
Funded by the Somers Board of Education, this 1/2 day preschool program is held Monday - Thursday for am and pm sessions. This program runs for 2 1/2 hours per day and follows the Somers Elementary School calendar. The classes are comprised of identified students with special education needs as well as peer role models. Peer role models are charged a monthly tuition. Parents are required to provide transportation for their child.

Somers Smart Start Preschool
Funded by a State Department of Education grant through the Office of Early Childhood, this full day preschool program is held Monday - Friday each week during regular school hours. Lunch and rest time are provided during the school day. The program follows the Somers Elementary School calendar. The class is comprised of both special education and peer role model students. Tuition is based on a sliding scale. Parents are required to provide transportation for their child.

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